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Technical Reports

Up-to-date specialist knowledge is vital.

We’re taking part in scientific discussions, comment on proposed legal amendments and publish scientific treatises on topics preying on the minds of our customers. You can read all about the answers in our Technical reports.



Report Nr. 11 (Download)Influence of Air Flow Velocity on the Filtration Efficiency of HEPA-filters and Status of the Cleanroom ClassDr.-Ing. Jürgen Hoferer 2017


Report Nr. 10 (> Download)

Particle Deposition in Probing Tubes

Dr. Stefan Schenderlein


Report Nr. 9 (> Download)

Cleaning Validation for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Prof. Dr. Kirstin Hebenbrock,

Dr. Nora Trojan,

M.Sc. Olga Ivanova



Report Nr. 8 (> Download)

Handling of microbiological exeedances in environmental monitoring

Dr. Katja Rosenberg, 

Prof. Dr. Kirstin Hebenbrock



Report Nr. 7 (> Download)

Quality requirements for pure steam in Pharmacy

Dr. Alexander Gierse



Report Nr. 6 (> Download)

particle transport through leaking facades

Dr.-Ing. Wolf Ziemer,

Dipl.-Ing.( University of applied sciences) Mike Urack



Report Nr. 5 (> Download)

Determination of Purity class in a hotair-sterilization tunnel

Dr.-Ing. Wolf Ziemer



Report Nr. 4.1 (> Download)

Air exchange rate, purity class and clean up period in clean-rooms with turbulent mixed flow

Dipl.– Ing. Thomas Raatz, 

Dr.-Ing. Wolf Ziemer



Report Nr. 3 (> Download)

Validation and test design

Dr. Stefan Schenderlein



Report Nr. 2 (> Download)

Conversion of humidity variables of nitrogen and compressed air

Dr.-Ing. Wolf Ziemer




Report Nr. 1 (> Download)

Pressure in sealed containers during steam sterilization of aqueous preparations

Dr.-Ing. Wolf Ziemer

Dr. Stefan Schenderlein



h-x-diagram (> Download)

Template of Mollier-h-x-diagramm for humid air at standard atmospheric pressure 

Dr. Stefan Schenderlein