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The Company

Longstanding expertise makes the difference. Dohm Pharmaceutical Engineering has been a certified service provider in the Life Science Industry for more than 20 years. As diverse as biotechnology is to pharmacy, development to production, researching manufacturing to contract manufacturing, as versatile and flexible are our services.  

We’ve been handling projects for the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry on a global basis since 1993. With a team of competent and committed experts, DPhE is your reliable partner for efficient project development. We optimize economy, security and quality of your processes and facilities through extensive experience and trusting cooperation.

Teamwork ensures innovation lead. 
The desires, requirements and projects of our customers are manifold. Therefore, DPhE provides an interdisciplinary team of different consultants and planners. Our company is composed of experts in the fields of civil, environmental and process engineering as well as pharmacists and natural scientists – all at your service to rapidly support you individually with experience and competence.  

For you, this means: A short route to competent decisions.

A selection from our extensive service portfolio:  

  • consulting
  • engineering
  • concepts
  • acceptance
  • qualification
  • facilities
  • HVAC
  • High-purity media
  • accredit audit
  • clean-room qualification
  • calibration
  • validation
  • purification
  • trouble shooting and optimization
  • risk analysis
  • Statistical Design of Experiments
  • process analyses