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Low-turbulence displacement flow

To meet the demands of highest degree air purity, the principle of low-turbulence displacement flow (UDAF) is being utilized in class A clean rooms (according to EU-GMP Annex 1:2009). In doing so, a low-turbulence unidirectional displacement air flow (UDAF) is generated over the entire profile of a usually demarcated area. The speed of the airflow is uniform and pours into the cleanroom in close to parallel streamlines. It is the objective of our studies to record the magnitude of the flow velocity and the evenness of the flow by using measurement methods. To determine the low-turbulence displacement air flow (UDAF) we are using an electronic hot-wire anemometer (implementation and measuring equipment in compliance with DIN EN ISO 14644).

Our experts determine the flow rate of the air exhaust and calculate the standard deviation on order to get a measure for the evenness of the flow in your rooms.